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A Sacred Place on Earth, Finca Ambiwasi is a place where you can achieve true fulfillment, personal healing, and experience a connection to the divine.  The Finca Ambiwasi experience is guided through the loving hands and deep hearts of a powerful and dedicated team. 

Finca Ambiwasi offers you a sacred healing retreat with ancestral plant medicine based on the Inga tradition of the Amazonian region of Colombia.

The primary healing therapy is offered in the ancient ceremonial tradition of Ambihuasca brew also known as Ayahuasca or Yagé. These ceremonies are led by Taita Juan Guillermo Chindoy Chindoy, a man whose life purpose is to serve humanity through the use of plant medicine, alongside a well orchestrated high caliber group of disciples.


The Founder  

There are many healers today working with plant medicine in ceremony, but people who attend ceremony at Finca Ambiwasi say there is something unique about working with Taita Juan. 

Taita Juanito is a traditional Inga - Doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon,  and he walks the path of the Yagé (Ayahuasca). His family comes from a long lineage of traditional botanics. Throughout the past 15 years he has been learning and sharing with different communities.

Taita Juanito is a compassionate and humble man, he has a wife and son, and he is unflagging about his work in service, out of honesty and integrity.

"Anyone that is able to work with Taita Juanito will be forever blessed, he is the real deal!!! Thank you with every little bit of my being.”

Gillian 1/31/15

The Medicine

At Finca Ambiwasi we work with many healing plant medicines including Yagé (Ayahuasca), tobacco & hapé,  Amazonian nettle, and mambe.


Our primary work is with the Yagé (Ayahuasca). The Taitas say that this Grandmother plant comes from God and is a gift to human kind. 


Yagé (Ayahuasca) is seen as a purgative because in this tradition the focus is on cleansing the person deeply, clearing the past, the emotions, the traumas, the dark energies and just leaving the Light and clarity behind,  bringing out the Art of each person.  


NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020


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