Learn About Our Healing Therapies:

At our clinic, we offer many additional therapies to support you alongside your work with the Yagé (Ayahuasca). All of these healing modalities offer further cleansing, healing, and support before and after ceremonies.  

During your stay, you can arrange an Ayurvedic consultation, Zen Scan, Ozone therapy, or Colema sessions. These sessions are not included in the retreat price, but many find that they greatly assist the healing process.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations 

Learn from an Ayurvedic perspective how to cleanse your body and improve the level of consciousness of your overall health knowledge.

An Ayurvedic consultation is a beautiful addition to a deep cleanse retreat, but it can also be used individually to learn and create a better lifestyle.​ You will receive a customized Ayurvedic Protocol by email that could include any of the following suggestions:

  • Personal practices

  • Diet

  • Supplements

  • Detoxification practices

  • Correct Food practices

  • Essential Oils analysis for your Body Type and incorporation of the use of them

  • Reorganization and analysis of your supplements intake

  • You can ask questions by email or Whatsapp and be guided in this way little by little to organize your life and much more...



One Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, Fee $150. Duration 1-1:30 hours.


The Clinic at Finca Ambiwasi

About the Clinic

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy may be applied through injection, and can be used to treat a range of health problems. This treatment uses ozone, a colorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms. 


Some researchers believe that ozone has therapeutic effects and the therapy has been studied and used for over 150 years. A layer of ozone is found in the earth's stratosphere. Its primary purpose is to protect the earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, most of which it absorbs.

In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat conditions by disinfecting the area around them, improving the body's intake and use of oxygen, and activating the immune system.

Using a gas as a medical treatment is unusual, so there are special techniques that are employed, as ozone can also be toxic when inhaled.


Ozone therapy has been found to be useful in several ways in medicine.


When it was first used more than 150 years ago, it was to disinfect and treat diseases. During the First World War, its application to wounds showed not only its ability to disinfect but also to aid blood flow and produce anti-inflammatory effects. Later, it was found to be a useful treatment for people with HIV before pharmaceutical medication was available.

Today it is used for treating the following:

•            infected wounds

•            circulatory disorders

•            geriatric disorders

•            macular degeneration

•            viral diseases

•            rheumatism and arthritis

•            cancer

•            SARS

•            AIDS

Forms of Ozone

Although ozone is a gas, developments in technology mean it can be used in several forms and different ways, including:

•            ozonated olive oil applied directly to the body

•            insufflation, a risky therapy where ozone is blown into the rectum

•            ozonated water, which is drunk

•            injections, which are often used in dentistry

•            autohemotherapy, where blood is withdrawn, mixed with ozone, and put back into the bloodstream

•            gas bath or sauna


Ozoneated Water

Ozoneated water may improve brain function, fight bacteria, and speed up healing.

There have been some promising studies examining how ozone may be beneficial to health by:

•                   Inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast, and protozoa

•                   stimulating the immune system to speed up healing

•                   improving circulation by cleaning the arteries and veins

•                   purifying blood and the lymph

•                   normalizing hormone and enzyme production

•                   having anti-inflammatory properties

•                   reducing pain

•                   stopping bleeding

•                   preventing shock

•                   limiting stroke damage

•                   reducing cardiac arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythm

•                   reducing the risk of complications from diabetes

•                   improving brain function and memory


                   1 treatment $80

                  3 treatments for $200


Zen Scan 

In our clinics we practice Functional Medicine by attacking the root of each condition in the body.

By only eliminating the symptoms, one cannot distinguish a physical malaise

from their genetic, environmental and lifestyle origins.

It is to deal with the diseases that afflict us comprehensively, focusing the treatment

on the health of the person as a whole, supporting the unique expression

of the health of each individual.

That is our hypothesis of the relationship between consciousness and health in the electromagnetic field.



  • Measure what no one has measured to demonstrate what no one has demonstrated.

  • Offer holistic information about the most advanced technologies in the use of bioresonance, electromagnetic field and quantum physics.

  • Inform the practitioner of Functional Medicine of the alternatives to adopt a healthy path, considering the clinical history, environment and lifestyle.

  • Generate testimonies of real cases and share the results for the Zen Scan and scientific community to give certainty to our mission.



Metatron (bioresonance)

It is a team developed at the Institute of Psychophysical Practices in Omsk, Russia; which allows us to know the state of health of areas of the body that previously we could only analyze by means of an MRI or a tomography.


It works as a non-invasive diagnostic system that allows us to observe in detail the health status of each tissue, organ, muscle, bone or blood vessel, as well as identify pathologies and their possible causes. It is based on the concept that all the cells of the body emit a particular electromagnetic radiation that can be registered and evaluated by the system compared with the standards of normal, or healthy, states of that same structure while performing a statistical analysis to determine the causes of these pathological tendencies, whether microbiological, biochemical, allergic, toxic or of any kind.


In addition to an accurate analysis of the state of health of our body, it is possible to carry out a treatment of the punctual and effective pathological alterations.



Colonic Irrigation


Your colon provides the body with internal purification when it is functioning properly. All of your cells and tissues along with your liver, which is your major organ of detoxification, rely on a well-functioning colon so that they can cleanse your body of toxins.


When everything is working as it should, your colon cleans the waste out of your body and absorbs leftover nutrients (like water, electrolytes, and vitamins) from digested foods and sends them back for your body to use. Essentially, your colon decides what to get rid of and what important nutrients to redistribute.

When these important functions are blocked, autointoxication occurs, and this can result in a variety of symptoms including hormonal imbalance, tiredness, weight gain, constipation, insomnia, lack of clarity and candida, just to name a few. By cleaning and purifying the colon, we reset our health and allow the colon to function at full capacity once again. 

A colema is a thorough cleanse which uses between 14 – 18L of warm, purified water, often with additives such as coffee, garlic, spirulina or vitamin c, to tackle a range of different health issues The water is on constant flow, so holding it in the colon is not required – it flushes through the large intestine, for deep cleansing and purification. The procedure is performed on a colema board, which makes it safe, clean and effective.


1 treatment for $55

Package of 3 for $145


NOV 7th - NOV 18th 2020


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