Online Study with Taita Juan
An online series

6 Ancestral Paths

Taita Juanito Chindoy will share his personal experience

with 6 ancestral houses or paths over the coming year.

Llacha Ñambi (Path of Wisdom) is one of the sacred Amazonian teachings

and will be the initial house or path Taita Juanito covers in this online series.

Llacha Ñambi: The Path of Wisdom

Receive ancient Amazonian knowledge from a modern day teacher

About the Course:

Join Taita Juanito for a two part course on Llacha Ñambi (Path of Wisdom)

There are 6 Houses or Paths from which Taita Juanito draws most of his teachings and experiences. Llacha Ñambi is at the root. 

In this Path of Wisdom you will learn about:

•How to develop and benefit from Coherence and Cooperative living. This is an art our ancestors studied, demonstrating that yes, it is possible to live with consciousness and light at this time.

•How to activate your inner healer and set your spiritual alarm clock to awaken and strengthen your own path (a path you may have lost sight of, but are now returning to).

•How to decode ancient memory left to us by our ancestors, and how to increase the power of observation in your life. 

•From the Yagé culture, learn about the Canoe of Life as a portal to an invisible dimension where all of life's spirits dance. From here, you can draw this invisible world's energy into your own world to empower visible manifestation.

•Discover how to organize energies in your life and how to deepen your connection to nature. 

•And much, much more

Course Itinerary:

Study with Taita Juan

•Two live Zoom classes with Taita Juan and other participants

•Each class is 70-90 minutes long with time for live Q&A (but it is not necessary to attend live, calls will be recorded).

•Lifetime access to recordings with unlimited downloads and streaming

•Unlimited email support during class tenure

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